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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 19, 2017 / 12:00 P.M.
Carnegie Building, 2nd Floor, 413 W. Main St., Medford, OR

I.     CALL TO ORDER/ INTRODUCTIONS       @12:16 pm
  • Members and guests in attendance, CJ Marincus, Todd Brooks, Mary Montague, Ted Zuk, Andrew Morrison, Chad Wiltrot, Alex Rodriguez, Tanner Fairrington, Jay Stine, Frank Wharregard, Audra Wonsyld, Chase Browning, Michael Stewart 

  • Motion by CJ Marincus to approve minutes, 2nd by Mary Montague - Motion carried
  •  Treasurer's Report by CJ Marincus - Still in the black.  Looking forward to up and coming class to increase revenue
  • Andrew Morrison, Tiny House Enterprises LLC - Gave a power point presentation on Tiny houses and their benefits, is also the author of APPENDIX V TINY HOUSES that was recently accepted at the ICC conference held in Kansas City this past August. Tiny houses are getting very popular so there is a need for code (Appendix V), Morrison stated. Copies of the appendix V were handed out.  Ted Zuk was at the ICC conference in KC and added that there was a lengthy discussion on this, a lot for and a lot against, but at the end of the day even though there are flaws in the Appendix V, it's a good starting point. On a national level (ICC) the App V wouldn't be in until next year’s code (2018) and is not adopted by the state of Oregon.  That being said, Jay Henry from BCD stated that on the 11th of January the state had a meeting and TINY HOUSES was one of the items on the agenda and basically it will be ether a RV or Prefab and if it's rented, leased or sold in Oregon it will have a sticker from the state.  If it's a permanent structure it will fall under ORSC.  If it is a temporary structure, BCD will hang their hat on chapter R107 and leave it up to the building office. The state will not provide specific guidance on what is or is not a temporary structure to local government.  It's up to local government to decide.  And the discussion continued.
  • 2017 Meeting Calendar - Has been finalized and sent out by Jeremy Payne.
  • 2017 ABM - Dates will be August 10-11, 2017 at Gold Beach, OR @ Pacific Reef Resort - For reservations call 541-247-6658
  • SOCICC Education Benefit Voucher - Ted Zuk mentioned that the chapter receives two things, one is a free registration for the chapter president to go to the ABM and a free educational event that means we get an ICC instructor to teach a class that we don't pay for.  We also receive chapter rewards for various events. the ones we got last year for events coming up is two free registration to the 2017 ICC convention held in Ohio in September and two 1/2 off ICC class registration.
  • Education Opportunities - Committee to begin discussions of education classes for April 20th, August 10-11, and September 20th, 2017
  • Training class - SOCICC will co-sponsor a Home Fire Sprinklers & NFPA 13D training class on January 31st.  Posted on website.
  • Building code Mentoring - Region II, President Jim Sayers has issued a challenge to our membership to pick someone out of the inspector pool and mentor them in building code and career success.  Jackson County Building Official Ted Zuk accepted the challenge and will be mentoring a fine young inspector named CJ Marincus.
  • Inspector Forum - Discussion of re-igniting the inspector forum and code consistency between jurisdictions.  Suggestion was made for the board to pick dates and put them on the calendar.
  • Update on ICC Annual Conference - Ted said it was a good convention it was on fire code and residential code. Some of the highlights was tiny houses and fire code.  People that we put our support behind got as a local chapter got in. Cindy Davis, Shirley from Texas, Tom Peterson, Jim Brown and Brenda Thompson.  Ted encouraged those who are interested to make plans to attend this year’s convention in Ohio.
  • BCD Certification renewal - Jay Henry - Nothing new at this time.
  • OBOA Legislative Meeting - Ted - Next Tuesday OBOA is having their legislative meeting, we'll have a better idea what kind of bills are coming in through Oregon legislation this year. Three legislative concepts bills Ted brought up are LC2446 would require municipalities administering in enforcing the building inspection program to provide an electronic access to building code information and services and would start January 1st, 2020.  LC2489 - this would change the 918 rules.  LC2552 - Requires municipalities to furnish inspectors with tools to do their job.  The Oregon legislator, on their website you sign up to receive updates on these bills and others.
  • Good Of The Order - A contractor encouraged the board to re-start the contractor/inspector forums to help with interpretations of the code from one jurisdiction to another.
  • Next meeting 02/23/17 @ 12pm, Taprock NW Grill, 971 S.E. 6th St, Grants Pass, OR
  • Meeting adjourned @ 1:10