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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017 / 12:00 P.M.
Community Justice Bldg., 1101 W. Main St., Medford, OR
I.     CALL TO ORDER/ INTRODUCTIONS       @12:12 pm
  • Members and guests in attendance, Alex Rodriguez, Jay Stine, Frank Wharregard, Chase Browning, Tanner Fairrington, Jason Prins, Jim Akery, Todd Travaitini, Mike-Ashland Mary Montague, Ted Zuk, Jay Henry, Matthew Polts, Greg Kleinberg
  • Motion by Ted Zuk to approve minutes, 2nd by Chase Browning - Motion carried
  •  Treasurer's Report by Alex – Account as of 3-31-17 is $1180.32. 
  • Greg Kleinberg – Update on Wildfire Hazard Mitigation.  In September of 2016 Greg proposed a code amendment change for homes built in fire hazard zones.  In February 2017, the first code hearing came up, questions were answered and from that a recommendation was made to put it in an appendix.  A workshop was put together by ones that attended and came up with Appendix W.  On April 5th, Greg went up to testify on Appendix W and to answer any questions.  Members of the wood industry were in favor and Home Builders Association were not because of cost.  There was a vote of 6 to 1 in favor of moving forward.  Next step is in front of the Residential Structures Board on May 10th, @ 9:30am. If passed it will go to the director.  Greg encouraged everyone’s support.
  • Jim Sayers – Via phone call - Commercial plans examiner for Clackamas County and serves as the Region II Chapter of ICC President.  Jim said that Region II is working hard to make a difference with ICC and to inform them of what is happening here in the North West.  Just a couple of things that we are working on.  One is to make it out to as many ABM’s as we can throughout the region. Jim is looking forward to attending our ABM in Gold Beach in August.  Another item were working on is the Mentorship Challenge program.  It’s basically finding someone that has shown an interest in chapter work and show them the ropes.
  • 2017 ABM Registration is now open. The price is $200.00 and includes 1 full day of ICC and AIA accredited continuing education.  Classes will be taught by ICC instructor Terrell Stripling.  The classes are the IRC Residential Deck Construction & 2015 IBC Fire Resistance & Hazardous Uses.  .  1 Night catered dinner on the beach & 2 Days of lunch vouchers at the Chowder House.  Register online @  There are other events happening that weekend, so make your room reservations as soon as you can.
  • Inspector/Contractor Forum - has been set for May 9th  at the Carnegie Building in Medford form 3:00 – 5:00pm
  • Secretary and Education Committee Chairman seats Looking for nominations and volunteers
  • May is Building Safety Month – Ted mentioned that in the past an outreach booth was setup at Home Depot.  Ted to give contact info to Jay
  • Lunch offerings at catered Medford meetings – Jay mentioned that we are losing money on lunches.  It’s cost $200 dollars a meeting to be catered.  To save money Jay suggested maybe getting a few pizza’s or Subway sandwiches for the next meeting.  All in attendance agreed.
  • Membership recruitment – Jay – Would like to see more people get involved, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Etc. Jay mentioned that we are all working for the same goal and that is for projects to get done correctly and in a timely manner. So please invite ones to get involved.  Also a suggestion was made to reach out to the membership that we have not seen at the meeting and encourage them to make to the next meeting.
  • Tanner Fairrington mentioned that he had noticed when he was doing plan reviews a lot of plans were submitted with incomplete load calculations, sometimes vertical load but not lateral and so forth which has been inconstant and takes more time for the plan reviewer and causes issues on the job site with missing information.  Tanner thought it would be a good idea that maybe a local engineer could provide some instruction class to architects, home builders, contractors and even plan reviewers to all be on the same page on things needed and things to look for on plans and doing a plan review, like a check list of sorts.  Jason Prins with Structural Solutions said that he would be willing to help out in that regard. The discussion continued with different options for training on this.  
  • Next meeting 05/25/17 @ 12pm @ Taprock Grill, 971 SE 6th St, Grants Pass, Or, 87526
  • Meeting adjourned @ 1:40