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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, August 11, 2017

Meeting Minutes
2017 Annual Business Meeting
August 10th & 11th, 2017
Pacific Reef Hotel
29362 Ellensburg Hwy 101, Gold Beach, OR

I. Education Component of Meeting 8:00 AM

  • Tom Phillips BCD Region Rep Manager, news from BCD 
  1. Tiny Homes and Park Models
  2. There will be a new training curriculum through the State, they will hire 5 people and train from all aspects start to final for Building Inspector Positions.  These will be paid positions.            
  3. October 1st the State will adopt Electrical, Plumbing and Residential Code changes.
  • Dave Bassett P.E. C.B.O. & Past President  1976 will speak on the History of the SOC.
  1. Oregon State Homebuilders Association drove the State Building Code to pass south of Lane County.
  2. Oregon Statewide Building Code, History and Adoption of.
  3. Attitude - Judgement - Knowledge - to help not hinder.
  • Jim Sayers President ICC Region II
  1. Region II is made up of 34 ICC Chapters from AK, WA OR, MT, ID and WY.
  2. ICC Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program. Find one person to guide.
  3. Get involved in Region II.
  4. Annual Conference, there are scholarships available up to $2000.00 
  • Mike Trabue  OSFM, News from the State Fire Marshal's Office
  1. There are 4 branches to the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office and Mike oversees one of them.
  2. New Legislature ¡V Self-Service gas in rural areas of Oregon.
  3. Wildfire Response coordination in regards to structures, the State needs to get involved.
  4. Fentanyl ¡V heroin replacement (opioid pain medication) absorbs through the skin and creating HazMat situations for ER response.  First responders can overdose through absorption with skin to skin contact.
  5. Marijuana Processing Facilities- The 2018 IFC Codes will be adopted, however you can look at the Washington State Code to see similar IFC Code now.

II. Business Portion of Meeting 11:21 AM
The following persons were present: CJ Marincus, Alex Rodriguez, Frank Wharregard, Audra Wonsyld, Jim Sayers, Steve Matiaco, Cliff Pettigrew, Melissa Martin, Michael Trabue, John Pospishil, Mike Smith, Pat DeBenedetti, Mark Stevenson, Dale Bohannan, Tamara Ilten, Mark Stevens, Todd Travalini, Kimberly London, Ted Zuk, Dave Bassett, Jay Stine, and Jim Akery

III. Approval of Minutes from last meeting

  1. Motion to approve minutes made by Mark Stevens and a 2nd by Frank Wharregard. The minutes were approved.

Report of Officers 

  1. Treasure's Operating Report by Alex. Checking Account has a balance of $4261.58 and Savings has a balance of $261.55.

Upcoming Business 

  1. Education Committee- Upcoming classes are IBC Plan Review and IFC Fundamentals. Possible dates     are the week of September 18th - 22nd and November 5th -18th. Cost is approx. $150 -$200 with SOC-ICC members receiving $25 off. These are full day classes.
  2. Report of Marijuana Facility Tour. We had a good turnout. We are able to set up more tours as people are interested. Let us know so we can schedule. They have an open-door policy with all jurisdictions.

New Business

  1. On our Sept 28th Chapter Meeting Square D will be bringing their trailer to our meeting from approx. 12:00- 1:30 and will be providing a small BBQ lunch. Our next scheduled meeting was to be at Tap Rock in Grants Pass but the parking lot cannot accommodate the space needed. We will be relocating to Medford and will let everyone know of the location shortly. Please invite all to come.

Open Discussion

  1. 12:00-1:00 Lunch on-site at the Chowder House
  2. 3:00 - 7:00 Jerry's Mail Boat/Jet Boats up the Rogue River (Dinner in Agness)
  3. Jack Applegate suggested sponsors for the next ABM to offset costs.
  4. Next year the AMB will be at Diamond Lake and the following at Gold Beach, it will rotate each year. The dates were voted on the Diamond Lake dates are August 16th and 17th 2018. The Gold Beach dates will be August 15th and 16th 2019 at the Pacific Reef Hotel. All votes were Aye, no Nay.

Next Meeting

  1. September 28th Medford, OR - Place TBD 12:00 - 1:30 Square-D is bringing their truck with electrical panels.

Meeting Adjourned

  1. Jay Stine motioned to close the meeting and Ted 2nd the motion. Meeting closed at 11:35am.