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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, June 29, 2017


June 29th, 2017 / 12:00 P.M.
Community Justice Bldg., 1101 W. Main St., Medford, OR

I.     CALL TO ORDER/ INTRODUCTIONS       @12:08 pm
  • Members and guests in attendance, Jim Akery, Chase Browning, Tanner Farrington, Jay Henry, CJ Marincus, Mark Stevens, Jay Stine, Frank Wharregard, Ted Zuk
  • Motion by Tanner to approve minutes, 2nd by Ted - Motion carried 
  •  Treasurer's Report by CJ for Alex – Account as of 5-30-17 is $2012.01    
  • Jay Henry – BCD – Tom Phillips is planning to attend and present at our Annual Business Meeting in August.  The Inspector Training Courses through State Building Codes Division are filling up quick, if a Jurisdiction has somebody in need of taking a class, the state will do what they can to get them into a class as soon as possible.  Registration for the courses is all online now (if paper registration is something you need, you have to register online first and then contact Dana Fischer).  The state is setting up Code Change classes, however they do not have a set time for those at this point (more info to come in August).  They have plans to come down to Medford to provide two classes (date TBD).  Jay is unsure when the new code books will be released and when the effective date will be.  The online code book format will also be changing.  There will also be a change coming up with Inspector Certifications, going to more of an “Inspector Level” type system.  The four levels considered at this time are Light Residential, Residential, Light Commercial and Commercial.  More information to follow.  BCD has been instructed by the legislature to formulate a Tiny House code within 6 months.  They are trying to line up some form of scientific testing in order to formulate the code but are afraid they do not have the time to do that.  BCD is stretched thin due to a hiring freeze and because of that they may have to turn down Jurisdictions asking for help with their inspections.  BCD does offer “Authorizations” for Inspectors without certain certifications.  Requests for Authorizations must be given by the Building Official and are issued based on the confidence of the Building Official in the abilities of the Inspector.  Authorizations are given on a temporary basis in order to allow the Inspector to do the inspections while going through a course in order to get the actual certification.  Authorizations are specific to the Jurisdiction so if the Inspector changes Jurisdictions, the Authorization does not follow.
  • 2017 ABM Registration is open. The price is $200.00 and includes 1 full day of ICC and AIA accredited continuing education.  Classes will be taught by ICC instructor Terrell Stripling.  The classes are the IRC Residential Deck Construction & 2015 IBC Fire Resistance & Hazardous Uses.  The Pacific Reef Hotel and Resort is filling up so get your room reserved as soon as possible.  Mention you are with SOC-ICC for a discount.
  • 1 Night catered dinner on the beach & 2 Days of lunch vouchers at the Chowder House.  Register online @  There are other events happening that weekend, so make your room reservations as soon as you can.
  • Inspector/Contractor Forum – Jay Stine - One was held on May 9th and the turnout was poor.  Please ask contractors if this is something they would like to have.
  • Education Committee Chairman Seat – Mark Stevens nominated Ted Zuk for this position.  Chase Browning second.  Vote was cast and all were in favor.
  • Future Meeting Topics/Presentations – We are hoping to find Guest Speakers to present at our future monthly meetings.  The interest seems to be there but it is difficult to make it happen due to scheduling issues/workload of presenters.  We would like to at least have more of a pointed “Open Discussion” in order to create more interest in these meetings.
  • Education class – Sprinkler System Installation Requirements held on July 27th at the new Medford Fire Station 4, 2208 Table Rock Road.  Starts at 8am and goes to 4pm.
  • Topics Brought up by Contractors
    • Anchorage of Appliances per M1307.2
    • Tempering Valves on Water Heaters
    • Holdown Bolts required to be in place prior to pouring (in place for inspection)
    • Getting contractors to call their Engineers with questions on the job
    • Inspectors giving out their work cell phone numbers.
  • Monthly Meeting Lunches – Changing future lunches from Mena’s Catering to Berg’s Bakery.  This will lower the per person charge price from $12 to $6.
  • Cannabis/Hemp Permitting Process – Chase and Tanner stated they believe the people coming in for Permitting are unsure of the entire process (licensing vs. permitting).  Chase and Tanner want to make sure that we make them aware of entire process.
  • July 27, 2017 – Medford Fire Station Four, 2208 Table Rock Rd, Medford, OR
  • Meeting adjourned @ 1:54