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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, January 18, 2018


January 18, 2018
Tap Rock Grill
971 SE 6th St., Grants Pass, Or

  • Members and guests in attendance, Mark Stevenson, Ken Sandlin, Audra Wonsyld, Matthew Potts, Frank Wharregard, Kyle Ward, Melissa Martin, Kamron Ismaili, Tim Stacy, Todd Powell, Patrick McKechnie, Jay Stine, Steve Matacio, Robert Rice, Cliff Pettigrew, Tom Venzon, Jay Henry, Derek Neff, Jack Applegate, Sam Barnum, Alex Rodriguez, Chad Wiltrout, CJ Marincus.
  • Motion by Alex Rodriguez to approve minutes, second by Mark Stevenson - motion carried.
  •  Treasurer's Report by Alex Rodriguez – December we had a net decrease of $2,917.36 with an ending balance of $4,261.56.
  • Dan Clark – Orley’s Stove and Spa – Wood Stove Installation – Dan took some time to answer some questions that members may have had in regards to the installation of wood stoves.  Jack Applegate asked if there was anything new that Dan has seen come out that we may be unaware of.  Dan stated that sometimes Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions may supersede code requirements and that we should make sure to verify if that is the case.
  • Jay Henry – Dennis Clark has a Structural/Mechanical class ending in March that has some very sharp students for anyone that will be looking to hire a freshly mentored Inspector, some with industry experience.  If interested, give Dennis a call. The next Residential Structural/Mechanical course that was scheduled to start in March has been postponed until June.  The Med-Gas Inspector course will be from March 13-16 for those Plumbing Inspectors that would like to obtain their Med-Gas certification.  For anybody that missed any of the local Code Change classes, check the website for availability in Salem or Bend.  The Amendment Proposal period for the OSSC ends February 5, 2018.  If you have any suggestions for any code changes, please contact Tony Rocco.  Currently there are no changes on the status of the SEI or SPI classes at the State level, they are still not being offered at this time.  Appendix N was adopted as a code amendment to the OSSC, effective January 1st.  Keith Anderson sent a handout from the NEC 691 on Solar Farms, if you have any questions on the code changes, give him a call.  Tony Rocco is now the Structural Chief, they will be looking to recruit a new Code Specialist to fill his position.  Jay will not be in attendance for the February meeting, Tom Phillips is scheduled to come down instead.
  • Engineered Wood Products Installation Clinic is still planning to come to Medford, we will get flyers out once dates are confirmed.
  • Please let us know if anybody has any ideas on how we can increase participation in these monthly meetings.
  • SOC-ICC and local jurisdictions booth at the Southern Oregon Home Show Thursday through Sunday February 15th – 18th. Need volunteers to man booth. Booth cost is approximately $500.00.
  • Potential Contractor forum to address code changes to the ORSC.
  • Discussion on how different jurisdictions are handling new code changes.
  • Chad Wiltrout brought up Appendix N in the OSSC and Appendix D in the OMSC and suggested that it would be a good read (items taken away from Building Department jurisdiction i.e. storage areas).
  • Jack Applegate addressed some of the background of HB4086 and his thoughts on the issue.
  • February 22nd, Community Justice Building, 1101 W Main St., Medford, OR
  • Meeting adjourned @ 12:53pm