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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, June 28, 2018


June 28th, 2018
Community Justice Building
1101 W. Main St., Medford, Or, 97501


Meeting was called to order at 12:07 p.m. Members Present: Gregg Springer, Jay Stine, Jay Henry, Tanner Fairrington, Chase Browning, Frank Wharregard, CJ Marincus, Sam Barnum, Matthew Potts, Breck Cook, Michael Meyer, Jim Akery, Alex Rodriguez, Patrick McKechnie, Kyle Word, Ryan Lougheed, Tom McDowell, Steve Matiaco, Mary Montague.

  • Minutes from May 17,2018 motion to approve by CJ Marincus, Sam Barnum Second, minutes approved as written.
  • REMINDER! GET REGISTERED AND RESERVE YOUR ROOM NOW! SOC-ABM is August 16th and 17th at Diamond Lake. Reserve rooms ASAP. Thursday classes will be 2012 IBC Exit Systems and 2012IBC Fire- Resistance and Hazardous Uses. Sign up on the SOC-ICC website.
  • We had to cancel the Plumbing Code Change and Rule and Lawclasses
  • Recap on the Contractor/ Inspector Forummeeting; Sam discussed doing quarterly and focus on trades and have topics.
 IV.    Nominations for SOC-ICC Board
  • CJ Marincus –President
  • Steven Matiaco – Vice President
  • Breck Cook – Treasurer
  • Mathew Potts - Secretary
  • Sharing forms/ handouts between jurisdictions. One person from each jurisdiction to meet after our Thursday meetings to go over forms and handouts. Will  assign someone and meet after meetings – will post to website
  • Jay Henry BCD update – Talked about Academy class; went from 6 to 4 graduates, from Residential structural, mechanical, plumbing and studying for commercial. Should be Ready out to work in about a month. Appendix W Wildfire Hazard Mitigation became rule and is optional to Adopt by jurisdiction. Is on track for the October 1, 2019 Adopt date. Asked about specialized classes, they will come back, but will check on time frame.
  • Brought up and discussed 10’ wall height; everyone is enforcing 
  • Treasurer’s Operating Report will be presented at the end since Alex will be late. Alex arrived and gave treasurer’s report
  • Motion to adjorn meeting by Steve, Frank 2nd. Meeting was adjorned at 12:27 p.m. Moved to presentation at 12:35 p.m.
  • Next meeting July 26, 2018 at Taprock Northwest Grill, 971 SE 6th St., Grants Pass, Oregon
VIII.  12:35 p.m. GuestSpeaker – Moved to end to wait for more members 
  • Frank Mendez- Henry/ Fortifiber- air barrierassemblies; talked about blower door test & how they became about through code and is now mandatory. Fortifiber came up with installation guide and training. Out of 10 foams tested only 2 passed. Up to the Architect to figure out air flow. Discussed 6 parts of air barrier. Washington state has 3rd party right offs for air barriers. 60% of their time is in pre-con and inspections. Talked about designing and managing the installation. Applicable Fortifiber products, lenders starting to get more involved and code requirements. Quite a few states are adopting new energy codes. More information Available on the web site.
  • Minutes provided by Mary Montague, Interim Secretary