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SOCICC - Action Minutes     
Thursday, September 27, 2018




September 27th, 2018
Taprock Northwest Grill

971 SE 6th St, Grants Pass, OR


     Meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. Members Present: CJ Marincus, , Breck Cook, 
      Steven Matiaco, Ted Zuk, Chad Wiltrout, Tim Staig, Michael Myer, Tom Venzon, Jay Henry, Jake  
      Wardle, Ken Sandlin, Joelen Wood, Chase Browning, Audra Wonsyld, Mike Shaw

      Minutes from August 18, 2018 motion to approve by Steven Matiaco, and a 2nd by Breck, minutes
       approved as written.

Treasurer’s Operating Report presented by Breck Cook

IV. Guest Speaker
Jay Henry Oregon BCD gave an update on the direction of training and certification provided by

  • OIC no longer 1 day but 2 day course for those who do not already have the certification.
  • Oregon Building Official certification no longer a 2 day but a 4 day course spread over 2 week period (mandatory for all building officials who do not already have the certification).
  • Med-gas certification will still be provided for by BCD.
  • BCD chiefs will direct travelling forums throughout the state at no cost to the individual or jurisdiction.
  • The cross training program is under review and has been tabled until further notice.
  • Due to much uncertainty in legislation, the “A” level plans examiner and inspector certification program has been placed on hold until further notice. ICC certification will be accepted by BCD for such certifications.
  • Three training courses will be provided by the state as one last effort.
    1. Electrical training course - full
    2. Residential structural training course - begins Nov 11th
    3. Plumbing training course - Date is undermined at this time.
  • Sun setting for specialized electrical and plumbing certifications is off the table for now and will be under further review.
  • There is no word from the A.G. on delegation rules (third party services), so no direction from BCD at this time.
  • There will be no more certification authorizations from BCD for specialized certifications to accommodate specific needs of local jurisdictions.
  • Residential electrical and plumbing certifications shall be obtained through the ICC certification process.
  • Personal note, Jay will be moving to Grants Pass as his wife has taken a job in the area.

      Steven: discussion on sharing forms, handouts and SOP’s for jurisdictions to be more uniform in
      Southern Oregon. It was proposed that we extend the monthly meetings to allow for this to happen 
CJ: a call for membership dues to be paid for 2018 by those who have not yet renewed their  
      memberships. Some changes will be made to the accounting process for renewing member ships to
      make it easier to keep track of membership status and fees.

      CJ: recap on ABM, discussion about guest speaker David Spencer.
      CJ: ICC ABM meeting in Richmond V.A. attendees will be Sam Barnum, CJ Marincus and Ted Zuk.
      CJ: discussion about SOICC support for 3 candidates as ICC board members. Steven made a motion
      to provide a support letter of endorsement for Jim Sayers, Bill Bryant and Jim Brown. A 2nd was 
      made by Breck. The motion was approved by the chapter.

      CJ: some discussion about social media ideas such as regaining access to an existing face book page
      set up for the SOC-ICC chapter. Also, there was discussion to look into using the SOC-ICC website to 
      start a forum. The forum could create discussion amongst members from the varying jurisdictions to
      address questions, issues and concerns that arise throughout the month.

The 2019 OSSC, OMSC and OEESC are still scheduled to be available in the fall of 2019.
      Appendix “N” will be integrated into the 2019 OSSC.
      Appendix “D” will be integrated into the 2019 OMSC.
      Ted:  would like to see more of the Fire code integrated into the OSSC and OMSC.

CJ: posed the question to the chapter, “what does the group want from the SOC-ICC chapter? What
        is the future for SOC-ICC”? He encouraged the group to be thinking about it.

        Steven: discussed the idea of providing educational classes and training for a min. of 50% of our
        time meeting as a group to align with our charter guidelines.

        Discussion about the next annual business meeting. A motion was made by Chase and a 2ND by 
        Breck for August 23-24 at the coast. The chapter approved the motion. 

Next meeting November 29th, 2018 at Community Justice Building – 1101 W Main St Medford, OR. 
        There will be no meeting for October.
Motion made by Ken Sandlin to adjourn meeting, and a 2nd by Steven.  Meeting adjourned at 1:17 p.m.

Minutes provided by Chad Wiltrout