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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, August 17, 2018

August 17, 2018

Diamond Lake   
350 Resort Drive, Diamond Lake, Or
Meeting was called to order at 8:10 a.m. Members Present: Mary Montague, David Spencer, CJ Marincus, Alex Rodriguez, Jay Stine, Kyle Ward, Frank Wharregard, Melissa Martin, Matthew Potts, Jim Sayers, Jim Akrey, Todd Travalini, Mark Stevens, Jack Applegate, Robert Rice, Phil McAfee, Mike Smith, Chris Ochoa, Breck Cook, Steven Matiaco, Ted Zuk.

  • Minutes from July 26,2018 motion to approve by Alex,Mark Second, minutes approved as written.
  • Treasurer’s Operating Reportpresented by Alex.
  • David Spencer, ICC, CBO Regional Operations Manager-
    Region II to represent us. Reminder early registration. Talked about ICC ABM Benefits, education and networking. Code development, hearings on August 31. Talked about new ruling allowing HUD Housing to use ICC Inspectors to inspect for them. Talked about Pod Casts, high school technology training 1st in Washington, scholarships are available, we can apply to get grants for students for college. CJ Marincus was one of four selected by Region II to shadow a board member and will Bill Bryant, ICC incoming president at the ICC ABM.
    New officers were sworn in. New SOC-ICC Board CJ Marincus – President;
    Steven Matiaco – Vice President; Breck Cook – Treasurer; Matthew Potts – Secretary
  • CJ spoke at this time and talked about involvement.
  • Jack Applegate, Region II President
             Talked about CJ and Michelle who also got chosen and will shadow the immediate past president of ICC. There will be four shadows chosen from Region II in the past 2 years. The west coast is receiving more attention; social media has been a good tool to help get recognized. Talked about building relationships with contractors, education, ICC development, mentorship page for veterans and family members. Talked about how Michelle has gone around to high schools and over 10,000 women and veterans overall have attended events thru OPTA. Outlook to find people over the next 10 years. Talked about Cindy who has traveled across the United States to Rhode Island to help the states get their permit technicians certified. Safety 2.0 Cuppy Fundraiser – Region II meetings 2nd Wednesday every month at 10:00 for 1 hour.
  • Chris Ochoa, ICC, Regional Senior Manager
For 20 years he has been a attorney lobbyist. In 2015 was invited to got to D.C. as Vice President for ICC. Worked with members in congress and several others. Last year was asked to cover our Region. Split between California and Oregon. Has traveled throughout Oregon the past year. Talked about the NEW OnLine testing proctor, is now available to get certified without going to a testing center. Talked about the High School Tech program. Now has 60 high school students on board. 500 more certifications for total of 1400 now. Has had great response throughout for military family program and high school tech. program.
  • There was a change made to the Agenda, add and have Jim Sayer speak, then Ted Zuk, then John Patterson. Robert made motion, Alex 2nd. So moved.
  • Jim Sayer, Commercial Plans Examiner, Clackamas County, Oregon.
Currently running for ICC Board of Directors position. He has gotten involved into this organization since he attend his first ABM. Talked about mentorship, leadership how we are all leaders. Talked about our first contacts, contractors. Talked about the importance of day to day and the three-legged stool will fall if one leg is broken. Be aware of what we do everyday and how it affects others. He feels has something to give, 23 years experience and has been to at least 6 different states from Maryland to Texas.
  • Ted Zuk, Building Official, Jackson County representing OBOA past president, not able to attend.
Has line of communication open, trying to keep up with BCD. Recognizes they do not just represent Building Officials, trying to partner with Chemeketa to help. September 24-28 is short school. Need more representation from our area of OBOA on the mechanical board (on committees). Let Ted know if you have any conv
  • John Patterson, Fire Marshal, JCFD #3
Talked about information and technology, in charge of classroom built. Fire station will be building. Talked about partnership with citizens, White City projects and help them through the codes. OMFA Board President 6 year member, partner with Oregon Fire Chiefs and helps them with their concerns, fire prevention, fighting for water supply. Talked about public safety, fire fighter safety. Talked about Appendixes N, D & W. Put together joint policy bulletins. There will be a group meeting in September to help with the language in Appendix W. Tech education conference in November in Salem, atty liability of being an inspector. ABM in May in Lincoln City.

  • Tabled until new Board meets
  • New president’s address: CJ Marincus was earlier with speakers.
  • Talked about considerations for next ABM locations. Motion made by Steven to talk about at next meeting on the coast. Alex second.
  • Retaining walls and how to handle in municipal code. Contact BCD.
  • September 27, 2018 at Taprock NW Grill, 971 SE 6th St., Grants Pass, OR.
  • Motion made by Alex to adjourn meeting, Robert second. Meeting adjourned at 11:38 a.m.
  • Minutes provided by Mary Montague