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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Community Justice Building – 1101 Main St Medford, OR
November 29, 2018
12:00 PM
I.   Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 12:13pm. Members Present: Mary Montague, Chad Wiltrout, Jay Stine, Ted Zuk, Tom McDowen, Steve Matiaco, Gary Duckworth, Matthew Potts, Jim Akery, Breck Cook, Robert Rice, Cliff Pettigrew, Derek Neff, Kyle Ward
II.   Approval of Agenda / Minutes
  • Corrections made in the Minutes from September 27th 2018.
    • Guest Speaker, Note 11. Changed from,“Residential electrical and plumbing certifications shall be obtained through the ICC certification process” to “ Residential electrical and plumbing certifications obtained through the ICC certification process shall NOT be accepted in Oregon.” - Clarified by Robert Rice and Ted Zuk
  • Steve- Discussed to create a list of membership dues- who’s paid, needs to pay, membership info.
Approval of Minutes from September 27th 2018 approved by Mary Montague and 2nd by Ted Zuk.
III.   Reports of Officers
Treasurer’s Operating Report – Breck
  *will make updates showing numbers from annual business meeting
IV.   Guest Speakers
V.   Unfinished Business
a) Ted discussed about a proposal in changing the A-level ELEC & PLUMB to where one would require being a journeyman 4yrs, 2yrs experience in field with 2 part separate test.
b)  Robert discussed about training within the chapter to provide more localize training. 
  • Robert proposed to revitalize the education committee in the chapter
  • Ted agrees that localized training is overall more than beneficial for the local and surrounding jurisdictions in the area.
  • Robert proposed having education held during winter education to not conflict with other education scheduled
  • Robert: Have education classes that target a majority of interest within the group, or a target audience.
  • Ted and Mary discussed having contractors on board with taking classes at the same time for CCB credits. – Mary confirmed it is possible with the submittal of a class description and syllabus.
  • Steve & Gary discussed having classes and training being advertised in the field to contractors.
  • Mary had an out-of-date list of the education board containing Mary, Jay, Robert, Ted
  • Breck volunteered to head the education committee with help from Ted, Robert & Steve. (Ted, Robert, & Steve volunteered to help but not to serve on the education committee)
  • Robert & Ted reiterated September minutes having %50 of our meetings being education based.
  • Ted nominated Breck to director chair of educational committee 2nd by Steve
  • Jim volunteered to provide chips and cookies at education meetings with acknowledgment of being contact ahead of time.
  • Chad discussed on currently putting an ongoing Commercial Plans Examining at City of Medford every Tuesday 1pm-3pm open to anyone.
  • Steve would like to see Chad’s class to be approve for continuing education credits.
 c) Sharing forms/handouts between jurisdictions – Steven
- Ted suggested taking on 1 document at a time
- Steve proposed creating a list of documents to go over via email.
d) Recap of ICC Annual Conference in Richmond, (by Ted Zuk & Robert Rice)         
- Ted discussed the Mass Timber concerns G108-18
- Robert discussed and reminded people to be registered to vote, read through the proposals and vote. 
- Robert: there are about 14 proposals on Mass Timber the main being G108.
-  Ted discussed Appendix W being re-approved and the concerns around it. How it may be optional based on the jurisdiction ruling.   Next meeting on Appendix W is Dec 18th.
-Ted proposed the Chapter looking at reviewing the language concerning Appendix W.
- Ted motioned for the President and Vice President of SOCICC to write a letter in supporting Appendix W as modified by striking section 3 of 327.4.1 dealing with 5 lots and more and a recommendation that instead of adding 327 it to be added as a standalone Appendix. Chad Wiltrout 2nd motion.   
VI.   New Business

a) Robert discussed the use of wall bracing methods being used.
-Robert proposed to have the chapter take on classed for education on wall bracing methods 2008 vs 2017 and showing befits of the methods behind them to the contractors.
- Robert discussed to have classes that just involve seismic D1 and D2 that would appeal and educate contractors. Hopefully this will prevent designers using mix methods.
b) Robert: Asking if anyone has any concerns or problems with the IRC. If so please contact Robert Rice to address the concern with IRC proposals (Example: Cripple wall studs under 14” require sheathing)
VII.   Open Discussion
a)      none
VIII.   Next Meeting
Meeting closed by Steve Matiaco 2nd Mary Montague
@ 1:34 PM