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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, February 28, 2019

Community Justice Building – 1101 W. Main St Medford, OR 
February 28th, 2019 
I.   Call to Order  
Meeting was called to order at 12:00PM Members present- Mark Stevenson, Breck Cook, Serena Locke, Tim Stag, CJ Marincus, Chase, Mary Montague, Jay Stine, Chad Wiltrout, Charles Purdy, Tannise Farrinaton, Alex Rodriguez, Ted Zuk, Steve Matiaco  
II.   Approval of Agenda / Minutes 
  • January Minutes approved by Chase 2nd by Mark
III.   Reports of Officers
Treasurer’s Operating Report – Breck
  • Reminder- Member dues need to be paid & Register for Annual Business Meeting
IV.   Guest Speakers
  • N/A
V.   New Business 
  1. Request was made to join IABO and agreement to make CJ SOICC’s representative. – Motioned by Ted, 2nd by Steve

b)  Ted-  Update on code proposals and addendums. 
          - 20-23 – concerning Wildlife Hazards R327.4 – Now applied, not an appendix but in the body of code but optional to enforce. 
          - 20-01 – Concerning increasing population density – low-rise structures or “cottage-clusters”, combining new and existing construction, code enforcement issues.   
          - Senate Bill – 88 – Concerning creating extra living/dwelling space or unit on a 2+ acre parcel. 
          -Mark noted possible problems with DEQ.
          -26-63 – Concerning the conversion of a SFD into Commercial use, and requirements. 
          - 24-20 – Concerning the requirements for a B.O. in a jurisdiction as well as A-level and structural inspectors. 

  1. May is Building Safety Month – Suggestions on community involvement contact CJ.
  2. Mark – Noted, Curry County is in need of a Building Official
  3. Training and CEU’s in monthly meetings.
  4. ICC disapproves of gaining CEU’s through grouped webinars.
  5. Suggestions for Seminar Training and what contractors/inspectors would be interested in. Contact Breck Cook.

VI.   Unfinished Business  
1. Sharing Forms / Handouts between jurisdictions – Steve
-Possible uploads on SOICC site in the future with uniform forms
- Will need to establish one representative from each jurisdiction.
                       b) 2019 Membership dues are due and website has been updated  
VII.   Open Discussion

  1. SOICC Online Form

VIII.   Next Meeting
March 28th 2019 12:00 PM
Taprock NW Grill – 971 SE 6th St. Grants Pass, OR   

Meeting closed by CJ  2nd Mark @ 1:21 PM