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SOCICC - Action Minutes     
Thursday, March 28, 2019



Taprock NW Grill – 971 SE 6th St. Grants Pass, OR
March 28, 2019
12:00 PM

   I.   Call to Order

         Welcome and Introductions – Attendance: CJ Marincus, Breck Cook, Matt Potts, Steve Matiaco,
          Frank Wharregard, Ron Todd Sr. Ron Todd Jr, Dave John, Tanner Farrinaton, Barb Rust,     
          Dave Gowers, Jake Wardle, Tom Venzon, Audra Wonsyld, Robert Rice, Ted Zuk, Bob Philips,      
          Wendy McKay, Chad Wiltrout


  II.   Approval of Agenda / Minutes 

          Minutes from February 28th 2019 – Monthly Business meeting - Motioned by Chase 2nd by      

 III.   Reports of Officers

         - Treasure’s Operating Report – Breck

 IV.   Guest Speakers

         Wendy McKay- BCD- Regional Coordinator NW OR-(Jay will be leaving BCD)
           -Discussed: Internal policy of Permits required for kitchen remodels?
           -Adopt Energy Code using ASHRAE 90.1.2016
           -OSSC should be done and up for adoption soon
           -Tiny Homes vs. Mobile Homes –regulated by REACH code (needs reviewing by legislature)
           -Education Program continues but waiting on legislature to decide on certification courses.
           -Third party bill – will get back with DOJ update/ reports
           CJ – Announced Ted will now be OBOA President

  • Ted’s previous spot is now open

          Dave Gowers – Insulated Concrete Forms

  V.   Unfinished Business

          a) Sharing Forms / Handouts between jurisdictions – Steve
           b) Picking a representative from each jurisdiction
           c) Matt-Josephine County-Breck-Jackson County-Chad-Medford-Robert-NWCodes-Ken?-Grants
               Pass -Steven-Ashland
2019 Membership Dues – Website has been updated to reflect current year.-CJ

  VI.   New Business

           a) Joining IABO – discussed what membership we would fall under
           b) Education (Full Day Class in June) June 20th 
                -2015 IRC Wood Wall Bracing 6hr class 
c) Building and Safety Month (May – Home Depot ) 
-Matt & Mary will get in touch with Home Depot 
-Ted volunteered for Jackson County to cover Phoenix Home Depot
 -Chase suggested have a side-by-side burn demonstration. Possibly May 19th- 25th

 VII.   Open Discussion 

           a) Ted – April 26th OBOA quarterly business meeting in Bend
           b) Robert – asking other jurisdictions about their expansive soils and policies around expansive soils
                to share forms. – Contact Robert if interested
            c) Chad – Beer Caves – discussed about them not meeting ADA requirements when needed or
                 structural requirements. Checking the labeling on the insignias.–Checking when thermal
                 protection is required.–Checking Occupancy group
            d) Chase – Dates for ABM August 22-23rd
CJ- website is now updated to reflect this years scheduled dates and events.

VIII.   Next Meeting

          April 18, 2019 / 12:00 PM
          Community Justice Building – 1101 W. Main St Medford, OR

Meeting Adjourned 1:23 pm
Motioned by Steve Seconded by Robert