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Thursday, April 18, 2019

April 18, 2019
12:00 PM
Attendance: CJ Marincus, Steve Matico, Jack Applegate, Breck Cook, Cliff Pettigrew, Derek Neff, Robert Rice, Kyle Ward, Matthew Potts, Jim Akery, Jay Stine, Mary Montague, Chad Wiltrout, Serena Locke, Derek Zwaterman
  1. Call to Order
    Welcome and Introductions – Roll Call
  2. Approval of minutes
Minutes from March 28th 2019 – Monthly Business meeting - Motioned by Chad, 2nd by Derek Z
  1. Reports of Officers
    - Treasure’s Operating Report – Breck
    -Make sure to pay membership dues & Lunch
    Motioned by Robert, 2nd Derek N
  2. Guest Speakers
Jack Applegate – NW Codes Professionals & ICC Region II President
-Spoke on House Bill 24-20- concerning requirements of jurisdictions and third party involvement.
      - Requirements for B.O.
      - Refers to Ethics of Building Inspector and Plans Reviewer
      - See House Bill 24-20 for more info
-Region II – is reworking website
      - Sponsors to help increase funds
      - Pushing to get CEU availability
      - Mentoring program
- Already have $9,000 committed to the program
-Region II – has Veteran benefits, scholarship and training, opportunities
-Submit Resume and Contact Jack for any further questions or interest.
  1. Unfinished Business
  1. Sharing Forms / Handouts between jurisdictions – Steve
  2. 2019 Membership Dues – Website has been updated to reflect current year.–CJ
  3. CJ- mentioned August 22-23rd will be the Annual Business Meeting at Gold Beach with more details to come.
    1. Interest in doing Jet boats over Annual Business Meeting – contact CJ for head count
  4. Building Safety Month (May) – Matt -No luck with securing a venue or involvement in community – If you have ideas please contact Matt.
  5. New Business
  1. 2015 IRC Wood Wall Bracing 6hr class June 20th
    • Registration is open. Sign up today Online
  1. Trailer Concerns
    • SOCICC trailer will need to be moved by My 1st. – discussion on deciding if the asset should be sold or kept for the future determined by how much the chapter utilizes the trailer.
  2. Open Discussion
  1. Steve M. – Trusses and concerns determining who can engineer fixes, modifications, ect. ANY engineer/ design professional is able.
Meeting Closed 1:09 pm
Motioned by Mary M. Seconded by Jack A.