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Thursday, May 23, 2019

May 23, 2019
12:08 PM
Attendance: Breck Cook, Steve Matiaco, CJ Marincus, Robert Rice, Matt Potts, Joelen Wood, Ken Sandlin, Frank Wharregard, Kyle Ward, Brian Lillington, Jake Wardle, Mario Chaidez, Mark Stevenson, Wendy McKay, Ronald T.Todd, Chase Browning, Tom Venzon, Chad Wiltrout, Derek Neff
  1. Call to Order
    Welcome and Introductions – Roll Call
  2. Approval of minutes
Minutes from April 18th, 2019 – Monthly Business Meeting
1st by Steve, 2nd by Breck
  1. Reports of Officers
    - Treasure’s Operating Report – Breck
    -Make sure to pay membership dues & Lunch
  2. Guest Speakers
  1. Wendy McKay
    1. OSCC adoption will happen before this upcoming Fall.
    2. Discussion on Designing with “Engineering Practices” and what that means when submitting plans. –okay when providing calcs
    3. Emergency Response Radio Coverage Temp ruling has expired
    4. Ready-Build Plans will be updated – contact Wendy or Warren on suggestions for plans.
    5. BCD- would potentially give local jurisdictions more control looking at social issues with the building code. (Energy & Fire Safety)
    6. Use of Alternative methods and materials
      • BCD revisions goal would be to allow the local jurisdiction to decide.
  2. Robert & Mark discussed more about 24-20
    1. Wendy will keep updates on 24-20
    2. 24-20 is still in process if legislature does not move on it; it will go back to BCD.
  1. Unfinished Business
  1. Sharing Forms / Handouts between jurisdictions – Steve
    1. Will Get together after June 20th – Get all forms ready
  2. CJ- mentioned August 22-23rd will be the Annual Business Meeting at Gold Beach see online for details.
  3. 2015 Wood Wall Bracing Class – June 20th 2019 – see online foe details and registration
  4. 2019 Membership dues – Multiple payment options
  5. New Business
    1. Inspector Forum
      1. Way to take ICC to HBOA to gain more involvement
      2. Mark will look into (Table till next month)
  1. Open Discussion
  1. CJ – Received a letter from David regarding update on code classes mandating that all enrolled have to participate in person.
    1. Would like to persuade them to make the classes available online
      • VOTED to SUPPORT
  2. Chase – Group interest in 2016 Sprinkler Update on 13, 13D and 13R
    1. Possible dates July 25th , July 26th , Sept 5th , Sept 6th
    2. CEU’s provided
  3. Robert – Code Hearings 2021 code approved changes
    1. Social Issues beginning to impact/change code
    2. Contact Robert for more details
Meeting Closed 12:55 pm
Motioned by Mark Seconded by Chad