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Fire Safety Successes: the Fire Equipment Manufacturers' Association Newsletter

Derry Teen Saves Home From Serious Fire
New Hampshire 9, WMUR (Manchester, NH)
March 5, 2014
A Derry teen's quick actions saved his family's home on Belmont Terrace from a serious fire.  Firefighters said that the teen was home alone and taking a nap on Wednesday afternoon when smoke detectors woke him up.  He found smoke and fire in the kitchen so he grabbed a fire extinguisher and quickly put the flames out.  He was able to get three dogs out of the home and into a car, where he then called 911, just as his mother was getting home.  Crews said the fire started accidentally in the fan motor in the kitchen hood.
"Portable extinguishers and extinguishing systems are vitally important pieces of a comprehensive fire safety strategy.  Studies have indicated that most will attempt to extinguish an incipient fire, and portable fire extinguishers should be their tool of choice."
- Adolf Zubia, President
Fire & Life Safety Section, IAFC
Homeowner Uses Distributed Fire Extinguisher to Put Out Fire
92.5 WJJQ, Northwoods Radio (Tomahawk, WI)
February 24, 2014
A local fire extinguisher distribution program greatly benefited a homeowner in the Town of Pine River.  The homeowner discovered a computer fire in the home's office and immediately called 911.  By the time responding units had arrived to the scene, the owner had already been able to contain the fire, using an extinguisher that had been distributed to residents by the fire department.  Pine River firefighters were able to put out any remaining hotspots and check for further extension into the rest of the home.  The homeowner was checked on the scene by EMS but did not require treatment.
Worthington Home Saved By 20-Year-Old Fire Extinguisher
WBNS 10TV (Columbus, OH)
February 13, 2014
A Worthington family was able to use a long-owned but never used fire extinguisher to address an electrical fire that began in their home.  One of the residents said the fire started when he plugged an air filter into a wall socket.  After a loud pop, flames began shooting from the socket.  The residents thought the fire was over once he pulled out the plug, but they soon noticed flames climbing the wall.  While one resident called the fire department, the other retrieved their fire extinguisher.  The flames were out by the time firemen arrived.  The Worthington fire chief told the residents that the fire extinguisher saved his home.
"A sound fire safety strategy has to include portable extinguishers.  They can extinguish fires during the incipient stage before they are large enough to trigger a sprinkler or other suppression system.  This helps to protect against property damage and the buildup of dangerous smoke."
- Joe Pierce, Retired Deputy Chief
Dallas, Texas Fire Department
Quick action contains fire at Union Township home
Republican Herald - Union Township, PA
February 10, 2014
Quick action by a Union Township homeowner and a quick response by firefighters kept the damage from a Sunday afternoon fire to a minimum.  Firefighters were called to the home on Wolf Road about 2:30 p.m. for a reported structure fire.  The home sustained minimal damage because the homeowner used a dry chemical fire extinguisher to help contain the fire and then quickly called the fire department, authorities said.  The resident used the extinguisher that helped slow the fire down until volunteers arrived.  The cause of the fire was determined to be electrical in nature and accidental.  Firefighters managed to keep the fire to the area where it originated, with minimal damage to the rest of the home.  Lost Creek EMS was on scene but no injuries were reported, the chief said.
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The Fire Equipment Manufacturers' Association is the premier trade association representing leading brands, and spanning dozens of product categories related to fire protection. The Fire Equipment Manufacturers' Association is comprised of four divisions represented by product categories: portable fire extinguishers, interior equipment, fire hose and pre-engineered suppression systems. These divisions work together in an effort to promote Layered Fire Protection, Life Safety and initial response when disaster strikes. Members of the Fire Equipment Manufacturers' Association have formed a subgroup, the Government Relations Committee (GRC), to address legislative and regulatory issues relating to portable fire extinguishers and pre-engineered systems. The GRC's main goals focus on helping to educate officials by advancing a layered fire safety philosophy that reflects the need for both sprinklers and portable extinguishers. This newsletter is published periodically to communicate to key members of the fire services and code officials on the importance of layered fire safety and the role that special application fire suppression systems and portable extinguishers play.